Personal website of Jonathan Cannovan


Why on earth would you want to know about me???

Oh well, since you’re here…….

Name: Jonathan Cannovan
Location: Scotland, UK

For the last few years I’ve been working for an affiliate marketing network – which is an industry I’m greatly interested in – so much so that out side of work I develop numerous affiliate websites and spend too much time learning about PPC, SEO and general online marketing.

When I’m not in front of my PC on the internet, trying (and sometimes suceeding) in making money from my affiliate sites, I’m usually spending time on one of my other passions – trying to keep fit & healthy – particularly via primal fitness methods. So if I’m not working out, then I’m reading up on and studying the latests fitness gossip/news.

I’ve always been interested in sport & fitness and over a number of years I’ve come to realise that the best way to keep fit & healthy is to follow primal/evolutionary fitness workouts & diet.

As a result, I mostly follow a Paleo Diet (about 80% of the time anyway - I’m not a monk you know) and apart from the odd Ashtanga Yoga and CrossFit workout, I now mainly do MovNat fitness workouts that involve natural functional movments.


I love travelling, whether it’s a short city break to Berlin or somewhere a bit more exotic like Mexico – where I became a PADI certified diver.

This website is a place I occasionally make a post about something that interests me, and is useful for keeping friends up to date with what I’ve been doing & thinking……….