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I was fortunate enough to attend a MovNat Clinic in London last Saturday with Erwan Le Corre. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend that anybody who is interested in fitness to attend one of his courses if they have the opportunity.

Erwan was assisted by MovNat certified coach Colin Holding. There was a group of 10 of us and the clinic started at 9:30am and finished at approx 6:30pm. It was a long hot sunny day and Erwan crammed as much MovNat training as he could in the time available – however, by the end of it I was still inspired to learn more. The training took place at various areas of Hampstead Heath park, which considering we were in London was an ideal location for an introduction to MovNat.

For the first hour or so Erwan talked about MovNat – what it is, what natural movement is and talking about different types of training e.g. CrossFit, Yoga, specialising in sports, etc.

Warm Up

He then took us through a MovNat warm up consisting of: walking then running forwards, backwards & sideways. Moving onto walking in a crouched position, getting as low as possible. Moving on all 4’s forwards, backwards & sideways. Squatting & standing up, kneeling with attention to the flexibility of ankles & knees. Forward rolls, sideways rolls & backwards rolls then ending with some light sparring. I’d never done a warm up like it before – completely different to what you’re taught in a commercial gym. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun.

Key Movements

For the rest of the day Erwan demonstrated and had us practice some of the key movements in MovNat:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Balancing
  • Walking on all fours
  • Climbing
  • Lifting
  • Carrying
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Defending

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to learn about the twelfth MovNat key movement – Swimming – but I was pretty tired by then, after trying out all the other movements, so probably best that we left swimming for another day…..


The training ended with Erwan explaining how to combine different MovNat key movements into a combination that you could use for a workout. Each of us created our own combo and went through a number of circuits. Mine consisted of walking along some fallen tree branches (balance), jumping between logs, vaulting a fallen tree, running to another tree and climbing one of its branches – repeating this approx 5 times. It was quite tough, especially climbing the tree branch (similar to doing a muscle up).

Erwan then created another combination for the whole group – a workout consisting of running, vaulting a fallen tree, moving on all fours & crawling under some fallen branches, jumping between small logs, running, then climbing along a rope between two trees, then running back to the start – repeated as many times as possible in 10 minutes. By this time I was exhausted, but it was a great example of how you can use the environment around you for a really good workout.


The Frenchman Erwan speaks perfect English and is an excellent coach. He had recently returned from Tanzania in Africa and had been ill for a few days before the MovNat clinic – he said he wasn’t sure what was wrong with him – some tropical bug perhaps?? But he had fasted for a couple of days and was determined to turn up for the clinc.

It was only a few days later that I heard Erwan had actually been very ill after the clinc – he ended up in hospital the next day & was treated for malaria. He was admitted into hospital for tropical diseases for several days. Last I heard he has been let out, which is good news – hopefully he will make a full recovery.

He had mentioned to the group that he was not feeling 100%, and with hindsight it was remarkable that he was able to complete a full days coaching – talking & demonstrating for hours. A testament to his high levels of fitness.

What Next?

This one day MovNat course has inspired me to learn more. Hopefully I will be able to attend a MovNat seminar later this year or early in 2010. There was only so much that Erwan could teach in one day, and only so much information that I was able to absorb in one day, so a week long seminar would be great – I can’t wait….

Whether it’s one day or one week, if you have the opportunity to receive MovNat coaching from Erwan then don’t miss out on it. MovNat will improve and possibly change your ideas about how to achieve greater health & fitness.


To learn more about MovNat click on the URL’s below:

MovNat – official MovNat website

Article about MovNat by Graham Averill of Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine (PDF)

Men’s Health Magazine (USA), April 2009 – article A Wild Workout for the Real World

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  1. Posted by author wanglili 03 Apr 2010 at 5:08 am

    Hi, I read an aritcle about The Frenchman Erwan, then I google his name, then I found this site.
    I want to say that I really like his idea.
    and let me know if I can give any help when you guys travel to shanghai.

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