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Edinburgh Festival 2005

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been travelling through to Edinburgh to see some shows at the Edinburgh Festival. I saw the Chinese State Circus & Wushu Warriors, Russian Cossack dancers and a korean martial arts/dance show called Yin-Yang.

I also saw the Australian show Puppetry of the Penis which was rather painful to watch – funny, but I doubt I’ll buy a ticket to see it again.

Another funny show was Nigerian Spam Scam Scam with Dean Cameron. After receiving spam email from Nigeria, Dean Cameron assumed the identity of a sexually confused Florida millionaire, whose only companions are his houseboy and cats, and began a 9 month correspondence with the scammer. With Victor Isaac as the bewildered Nigerian, the show, taken from the actual letters, documents the hilarious relationship which descends into misunderstanding, desperation, and deception

One of the last shows i went to was I Miss Communism by the Croatian American actress Ines Wurth. It was a one woman show all about her life growing up in Yugoslavia during its communist period and then leaving for America, and about her mother and grandmother. It was a good show, but a bit weird – one minute comedy, the next minute she’s telling you how some Serbian soldiers tried to rape her…

However, the best show I went to was A Shut Up Comedy From Japan. In fact, it was so good I went to see it twice. It was a silent comedy, which involved mime and acrobatics, starring two Japanese guys called Ketch and Hiropon. I hope they’ll return next year – if they do I’ll definetly be going to see them again.

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